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When: 21st-24th June
Where: Gilcombe Farm, Somerset

Sunrise festival 2012 is taking place this weekend at Gilcombe Farm, Somerset. With music to delight and content galore this award winning festival that’s known for it’s family friendly vibe and overt expression of alternative living will be opening its gates on Wednesday evening to 1000 solstice celebrators. Come and join in a night of ceremony and fireside acoustic partying that will be a chilled out alternative to Stone Henge.

Lead by famed Daily Mail astrologer, Jonathan Cainer and preformed at the specially built, geometrically aligned stone circle, the ceremony will consist of a series of processions, performances and presentations and will take place through the night, featuring representatives of many religions including Sufi sages, Celtic shamans, Tibetan teachers and pagan prophets. Interspersed between these serious moments will be acoustic concerts featuring haunting compositions from some of Britain’s finest musicians.

“It’s not just druids and astrologers who get excited about the night of the Summer Solstice – this is Britain’s oldest and most exciting annual festival. I’m really looking forward to this great opportunity to greet the Solstice dawn with the sense of measured respect that such a special occasion deserves,” says Jonathan.

The festival itself gets into full swing on Thursday lunchtime and promises to fill the hole left by Glastonbury taking a fallow year. With dance and drumming, woodwork and workshops, talks and temples, Sunrise manages to encompass enough entertainment to keep audiences of all ages entertained.

“The visually stunning Temple of Unity is almost complete and is an awesome site to behold, sitting beautifully in the centre of the field. We are really proud and overwhelmed by the creativity of all who work so hard to make Sunrise such a unique and heartfelt experience for everyone who attends”, said Katherine Ritchie, festival organiser.

The temple will be an integral part of the solstice ceremony and will be open through the remainder of the event, with daily meditations and ceremonies.

Another great experience to look out for at Sunrise this year is the Positive TV Human Heart Mandala taking place on Sunday 24th at 3pm in the stone circle for a special photo opportunity. Positive TV reached out to plane enthusiasts taking part in the Yeovil air show who will be passing over Gilcombe Farm with the aim to take an aerial photograph of the Sunrise gathering and to capture the Human Heart Mandala.

Tickets still available from the Sunrise website:

Adults £115 + BF, £135 on the gate. Weekend tickets prices start from £75

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